A Proposed Mindset


For the past two years or so I have been longing to build a new PC for myself, but I was always thinking in the future about, assuring myself that when I get all the money I needed I would get the computer. Yesterday, a thought popped into my head, what if I were to get the computer now, or at least start buying parts to start working on it? This astonished me because I never actually asked this obvious question. I always thought that I couldn’t afford it, or that it was too much money, but the more I thought about it the more I came up with ideas about how it was possible, and just this morning I put in the order for my new computer!

After reflecting on this I realized how big a deal it was for me to shift my mind from a place of longing for what comes in the future to a place of the present where, in a broad sense, I can have whatever I want now. Another of this example on a smaller scale, would be just now I decided I wanted to make a pizza for lunch, instead of thinking I can’t make this pizza until I have a certain cheese or certain ingredients, I decided to use what I had in the refrigerator, and sure enough I made a delicious pizza that I’m eating right now. It’s not my favorite pizza, but it’s better than having the same meals I normally eat. I was also happy that I made it because not only was it delicious, but I moved the negative thoughts about whether I could make a pizza aside and instead just started making it.

I know that you literally may not have the means to get what you want, and I completely understand being rationale about this concept, but my point is to never write off something that you think you can’t achieve or gain because it seems out of your grasp, and I know what this is like because a new computer was that thing for me for a long time. Although, I strongly believe once you take the time to actually analyze how, right now, you could take steps, even small ones, to get attain that thing, chances are it may be easier than you think, and who knows you may realize that you could have that thing as soon as next week, which was the case with me.

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