A poem I wrote way back in high school. Enjoy!

I am average.

This is determined by one number: 20, 23, 24, 27, 31…36? “36? Oh my god, you’re a genius, I’m so jealous of you.”

Contrary to belief, I’m not jealous, I don’t think that is a genius, show me your ideas that are brilliant and resilient, effective and introspective, bold and behold for that is a genius.

A genius is not made by a test, instead a being that is so original and creative that it usually goes unblessed

But that is not me. I am a 24. I am the 75th percentile. I AM…average.

I ask, “But what about my work ethic, my traits, who I am.”

They say, “You’ve already shown us. You are average.”

“I don’t understand.”

“But what is there not to understand? You rank here, and that is the best you will ever do.”

Numbers seem to determine our place in society. Our weight, height, age, salary, grades. It seems that somewhere we’ve lost ourselves in the numbers.

“30% of you will try marijuana when you get to college.”, “1 in 2 of you will have sex during your teenage years, leading to more STIDs and teen pregnancy.”, “3 in 4 of you will drink alcohol by the end of high school.”

Data like this always conveys a negative image, making me think that our new generation has no hope. I prefer this stat, 100% of us will make our own decisions, based on evidence and judgment that make us who we are as imperfectly perfect human beings.

I refuse to believe a number defines who I am because numbers will always end up as “just another brick in the wall.” Another grain of sand in the sandbox. Another moment in time slowly ticking away.

And I’m sorry, but if that’s true I must say that “we don’t need no education” because if those bricks aren’t any different, I must break that wall down, I will break numbers…down.

I’m average…huh?

No I’m a human being with integrity, with honesty, respect, confidence, pride, truth, and all of what makes me who…I…Am.

If I’m a brick, I’m the best damn brick to ever have been put in a wall, if I’m a grain of sand, I’m the most fun grain of sand to ever have set foot in that sandbox, If I’m a moment in time, I am the defining moment of time.

“But if we don’t have numbers, we don’t have facts, studies, proof, society…is based on numbers.”

Percentages, fractions, variables, subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, you name it, I’ve learned it, you ask it, I’ve answered it.

Society may be based on numbers…but humanity is not.

People are complex, never to be fully understood, but always what they want themselves to be, always what they should.

So you may say that I’m average…

I say I’m me.

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