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Holidays Are Weird

As another July 4th ends, I can’t help but feel how strange holidays are to me. The reason being, I don’t feel any different on holidays than I do any other day. Beside the fact that a lot of people get to have the day off, making it easy to see friends and family, there isn’t much that makes holidays that much more significant to me. I’m just as happy/mad/sad/emotional as I would have been if it weren’t a holiday, but maybe that’s how my personality is, as I don’t feel an obligation to change my state of mind because a certain holiday represents a pivotal day in history.

What’s even more bizarre are the many people that determine their favorite time of year by the holidays that take place during that time, especially Christmas. What I don’t get is if you love feeling that way during that period, why not feel that way all the time? To me, saying “I’m going to be happy during this time of year because of said holiday”  is the same as saying “I’m going to be happy tomorrow.” They’re both in the future so what’s the big difference? Okay, yes, you give and get gifts on one of those days rather than the other, but wouldn’t it be more fun to give those gifts at a time when it wasn’t mandatory?

This is the dilemma for me because if you love everything about Christmas, act like there’s a Christmas every month of the year loving every month of the year. If you love to dress up in costumes or decorate your house for Halloween, then do that all the time. If you love being patriotic on the 4th or your country’s respective independence days, then act like it’s your country’s independence day everyday.  I find it interesting that we love to make certain days mean something, when everyday has the potential to be amazing no matter what date it possesses.

My point is that holidays shouldn’t dictate what we do or how we feel during our everyday life. Maybe I’m wrong, but I get the impression that a lot of people put a lot of stock into holidays thinking they will be happy once that becomes a reality, but I would argue that everyday has the potential to be amazing, so to pigeonhole certain days as “special” is pretty silly, and maybe we should view everyday as a holiday.

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I Can’t Support Xbox This Time Around

I’ll start off by saying that I loved my Xbox 360, and up until recently I played games on it more than any other device in my entire lifetime, so I am not true Sony fanboy in any sense of the word. That being said, this time around I don’t think I can support Microsoft in their release of the Xbox One.

This is mainly caused by the pompous and arrogant persona Xbox execs have been taking for the next console generation. At the start, it was their creative director tweeting about the rumors of an always-online Xbox, telling people to just “deal with it.” Then it was their press conference at E3, with controversial policies for online check-ins and used games. Now, a Microsoft exec claims that comparing specs between the PS4 and Xbox One is “pointless.”

First, a few disclaimers: I know that Microsoft completely changed it policies for online check-ins and used games, but I feel the only real reason they did was because PS4 was beating Xbox One by a pretty significant margin in pre-orders following E3. I also don’t claim to be a game developer, or know how differing specs change the way games are made, but I can’t imaging it doesn’t help to have more computing power when making them. I would also contend that if the Xbox One had more computing power than the PS4, which it doesn’t by a small margin (excluding the kinect/eye comparison), Microsoft would not be making this comment, and may even be tutting their own horn about their more advanced console.

It’s this constant rhetoric of “we just want your money” that have almost completely turned me off to buying an Xbox One at launch. They just don’t seem to care that much about consumers, especially gamers, this time around, and compared to Sony, who has had an almost flawless PR run with the PS4, they don’t stack up very well with me spending my hard earned money to buy their new console.

I think the main flaw with how Microsoft treated the release of the X1, was that they seem only to care about the money in my wallet. Even though they did show some amazing games at E3, even beating out Sony in that department, it doesn’t make up for how they have acted in recent months. Especially, since the one game that really got me out of my seat was Titanfall, which I can easily just play on my PC, but that is a completely different story. My point is to not support arrogant companies that only see consumers as dollar bills in their pocket, because we’re not, and the only way to stop that belief is with allocating your money carefully to show them how flawed that idea is. Basic economics always says that our money are votes for what we support in capitalism, and we saw the validation of this with Sony’s launch of the PS3. People payed/voted  for the Xbox 360 and Sony ended up changing for the better.

I’m not a fan of console-wars because people usually get caught up in “who’s right” and “what’s better” rather than realizing that not everyone has to like the same thing, but I will intervene this time only because I have seen a company disrespecting the consumers that keep it afloat and that’s something that I can’t stand for, and if my neglect for the Xbox One in November can help clean up Microsoft’s act in future years, then I will be happy to buy an Xbox One. Until then, if I buy a console at launch it will be a PS4, if no other reason than to support their ballsy decisions and their relentless pursuit to show that they care about people like me. People who love to play video games.

What do you think? Are Microsoft’s actions enough to stop from buying an Xbox One? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. I’d love to hear what people think about this!

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There Is No Need for an Uncharted Movie

In an interview with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg it was reported that, “for, like, four years now,” Naughty Dog has been relentlessly asking them to write a script for the upcoming Uncharted movie. In the interview both Rogen and Goldberg emphasize how it would be just like Indiana Jones, so they have never really put much thought into actually writing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for video game being converted into movies, and I especially like the Uncharted games, but I don’t think there is a need for Uncharted to be made into a movie. Of course, the obvious reason are the similarities between it and Indiana Jones, but even more the Uncharted series is arguably a film series already. They like movies in almost every respect aside from the gameplay that fills the time in between each cut scene, but even the gameplay has a lot of film elements added into it especially in the platforming areas of the game. So, making this game into a movie is extremely redundant and I don’t see a point in going unless they added on from the latest Uncharted game or tied it in with the current story somehow. I highly doubt this happening because many people aren’t familiar with Uncharted’s characters, so Naughty Dog would have to reintroduce these characters for the people who haven’t played the games. This is when it gets weird, because reintroducing these characters and their back stories doesn’t make sense for people like me who are already familiar with them from playing all the Uncharted games.

I also feel like it’s very difficult to make a good video game movie because video games are already pretty cinematic, especially Naughty Dog games, making it hard to make the movie stand out from the game. Really the only reason for a game to be made into a movie, is if the movie does a better job at the storytelling, because most people would agree that movies, for the most part, beat out games in that area. Like I said before, I would like to see more video games made into motion pictures because they have some of the best stories and worlds out there, but we have yet to see a video game made into a movie/TV show that was actually well done, so I am always a bit skeptical when I hear about them.

In closing, I believe that an Uncharted movie has the potential to be great, and if it can legitimize video games as an art form to a wider audience  then I completely support as many games being made into motion pictures as possible. For me as a consumer, though, an Uncharted movie just seems frivolous, and unless this movie is flat out fantastic I’m not going to be itching to see it, as I already have three Uncharted movies that I can play at home.

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