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So I like them good movies like S-dog Millionaire, Exit Through the Gift Shop, and that one about the Shawshank prison, but if you don’t like Wall-E then I don’t think you know how to love because that shit makes my soul weep every time I see it. 

Harry Potter occupied my angsty years in middle school and a Song of Fire and Ice is brutally amazing. That’s all I feel like discussing about literature.

That said. The Walking Dead scratches my zombie itch, and Game of Thrones is the best show on TV, nuff said. It’s also safe to say I’ve had air bending withdrawal before, so I love Avatar and Legend of Korra.

As for music, don’t get me started, Kendrick’s the best rapper out there right now, and for some reason I think of Frank Ocean whenever I’m Thinkin’ ‘Bout You.

Atmosphere makes the Sunshine better because Yesterday I saw my dead dad, but whenever I listen to Calvin Harris I have a Flashback to when I saw him at Lollapalooza.

Deadmau5 is awesome, and Daft Punk is my favorite band because they are Harder, Better, Faster, and Stronger than anyone else on the market, they also show me how to Get Lucky with people I don’t care about.

Some Nights I like to have Fun. because that’s the only way to listen to Kanye West while he registers late to dropping out of college. I also aranged my stuffed animals around my pillow, making an Animal Collective while My Girls dance to their LCD Soundsystem. But sometimes All My Friends make me Panic! at the Disco because When The Day Met The Night Ratatat comes with their Loud Pipes looking for attention.

All I really want is Justice for D.A.N.C.E. because Fred Falke knows how to lay down a bass line at 8:08 pm At The Beach, except when Madeon’s young face plays that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ Remix because that shit gets me hoppin’.

Honestly, though, MGMT just thinks It’s Time to Pretend that their Kids because the Beastie Boys decide to Make Some Noise.

Pink Floyd make classics, and Porter Robinson shows us that it’s Easy to speak his Language.

Now don’t take me as a Twilight fan, but I don’t mind having a Vampire Weekend every once in a while, and who really gives a fuck about an Oxford Comma.

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There Is No Need for an Uncharted Movie

In an interview with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg it was reported that, “for, like, four years now,” Naughty Dog has been relentlessly asking them to write a script for the upcoming Uncharted movie. In the interview both Rogen and Goldberg emphasize how it would be just like Indiana Jones, so they have never really put much thought into actually writing it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for video game being converted into movies, and I especially like the Uncharted games, but I don’t think there is a need for Uncharted to be made into a movie. Of course, the obvious reason are the similarities between it and Indiana Jones, but even more the Uncharted series is arguably a film series already. They like movies in almost every respect aside from the gameplay that fills the time in between each cut scene, but even the gameplay has a lot of film elements added into it especially in the platforming areas of the game. So, making this game into a movie is extremely redundant and I don’t see a point in going unless they added on from the latest Uncharted game or tied it in with the current story somehow. I highly doubt this happening because many people aren’t familiar with Uncharted’s characters, so Naughty Dog would have to reintroduce these characters for the people who haven’t played the games. This is when it gets weird, because reintroducing these characters and their back stories doesn’t make sense for people like me who are already familiar with them from playing all the Uncharted games.

I also feel like it’s very difficult to make a good video game movie because video games are already pretty cinematic, especially Naughty Dog games, making it hard to make the movie stand out from the game. Really the only reason for a game to be made into a movie, is if the movie does a better job at the storytelling, because most people would agree that movies, for the most part, beat out games in that area. Like I said before, I would like to see more video games made into motion pictures because they have some of the best stories and worlds out there, but we have yet to see a video game made into a movie/TV show that was actually well done, so I am always a bit skeptical when I hear about them.

In closing, I believe that an Uncharted movie has the potential to be great, and if it can legitimize video games as an art form to a wider audience  then I completely support as many games being made into motion pictures as possible. For me as a consumer, though, an Uncharted movie just seems frivolous, and unless this movie is flat out fantastic I’m not going to be itching to see it, as I already have three Uncharted movies that I can play at home.

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