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Holidays Are Weird

As another July 4th ends, I can’t help but feel how strange holidays are to me. The reason being, I don’t feel any different on holidays than I do any other day. Beside the fact that a lot of people get to have the day off, making it easy to see friends and family, there isn’t much that makes holidays that much more significant to me. I’m just as happy/mad/sad/emotional as I would have been if it weren’t a holiday, but maybe that’s how my personality is, as I don’t feel an obligation to change my state of mind because a certain holiday represents a pivotal day in history.

What’s even more bizarre are the many people that determine their favorite time of year by the holidays that take place during that time, especially Christmas. What I don’t get is if you love feeling that way during that period, why not feel that way all the time? To me, saying “I’m going to be happy during this time of year because of said holiday”  is the same as saying “I’m going to be happy tomorrow.” They’re both in the future so what’s the big difference? Okay, yes, you give and get gifts on one of those days rather than the other, but wouldn’t it be more fun to give those gifts at a time when it wasn’t mandatory?

This is the dilemma for me because if you love everything about Christmas, act like there’s a Christmas every month of the year loving every month of the year. If you love to dress up in costumes or decorate your house for Halloween, then do that all the time. If you love being patriotic on the 4th or your country’s respective independence days, then act like it’s your country’s independence day everyday.  I find it interesting that we love to make certain days mean something, when everyday has the potential to be amazing no matter what date it possesses.

My point is that holidays shouldn’t dictate what we do or how we feel during our everyday life. Maybe I’m wrong, but I get the impression that a lot of people put a lot of stock into holidays thinking they will be happy once that becomes a reality, but I would argue that everyday has the potential to be amazing, so to pigeonhole certain days as “special” is pretty silly, and maybe we should view everyday as a holiday.

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